Need to create new login name, PW for Local so that two computers are in sync

I created one WP site on Local on a Mac, then I didn’t use it for a while, and then I downloaded the Windows version on another machine. I had to do this because the Mac only has 4G RAM while the Windows 10 machine has 8G. It was just too difficult and slow to run Local on the Mac with such limited RAM.
I want to log out of the previous version of Local on the Windows machine, and enter the login name and PW which I used on the Mac so that the two different Locals on the Mac and Windows are in sync, and so that they will see the same WP websites.
So far, I have found information about how to reset login names and PWs for individual WP sites, but have not been able to find information about how to reset Local so that they see the same sites and are in sync.
How do I do that?