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Never ending 404 Site Not Found

Hi everyone,

I recently came across this awesome software and decided to give it ago. So far it has been great using it except for one single issue – the title.

I created my first website, second and third. Everything is fine. On the 4th website, I started getting 404 Site Not Found every time I create a website. Now I did my homework and searched the forums and the internet and everything leads to one thing that resolves this – restarting my computer.

Honestly, I did it the first few times but it is getting rather annoying having to do that EVERY SINGLE time I have to create a website. Specially when it seems to be reported from years ago and it keeps resurfacing.

So, is there a way to fix this permanently?

I know you will ask for the log, but I can’t just upload that here with data the Router’s Log includes. It has a lot of sensitive data that can be easily misused.

Hey @WeeboDev, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

It’s hard to say why there’s an issue without seeing the actual Local Log. Local does a pretty good job of redacting sensitive things, but if you don’t want to share that log with the forums, I’d recommend taking a look at the Local Log to see what sorts of errors are being reported in it. Here’s a topic in the Forums that outlines how to get that log for you to review:

One thing I’m curious about – are all of these sites running at the same time? Once the computer is restarted, are you still able to start each site, or do you have to re-create the sites again after restarting?

Oh, interesting. I accessed the wrong logs – apologies. The ones I saw did have my computer’s username, name of projects I have, their domains, etc… so I felt it was really wrong to share these things. But apparently I misclicked on the log file.

I actually found a fix that doesn’t require restarting (not ideal but better than nothing).

No. Each one alone. None of them overlap being active or running.

The fix I found (or maybe the issue, I don’t know) is that nginx server running doesn’t get shutdown if you close Local or have ALL your sites stopped. It will continue running. So when I relaunch Local after a break and start working again, that previous instance of nginx server is still running. Which is the issue. If I open my Task Manager, kill the server + kill another process “Windows Host Process (Rundll32)” and then start my website, it works like a charm and that 404 error never surfaces again.

Ahh yeah, that’s likely the Router Log, which is the log that the NGINX router uses to point the browser to the actual WordPress site, and it would likely have a bit more info contained within it.

Your description of the workaround does make sense – if the NGINX process isn’t restarted, or is prevented from stopping/starting, then that could cause issues when the configuration changes (which is what happens when creating a new site).

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