No ssl cert and no openssl.crt in Mainwp

So I’ve been looking at the forums for an answer but its been more confusing the more I read.

I have Mainwp installed and for some reason I’m getting the “public key not set” error. I have tried to locate the openssl.crt file by opening the phpinfo, and it gives me a directory that doesn’t exist on my pc. I am also getting the issue where its not trusting the ssl certificates and its going from “TRUSTED” to “Trust” as soon as i click on a different site.

Im not a total noob when it comes to this but I am noob-ish.

Is it possible to not have an openssl.crt?

If the phpinfo is wrong on the location of my openssl.crt file is there another way to find it?

Do I need the openssl.crt to get the ssl to be trusted?

I followed another post and managed to get the ssl to trust yesterday; do I have to do this every time I restart local?

On windows 11
Local Version 6.3.0.+5756 (6.7 KB)
Oops, forgot to upload the logs. ;{)

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