Not running in 'closed' state since update to 3.0.2

Since the recent update to Local (v3.0.2) the admin area on local sites no longer work if the application is closed (not quitted). When the app is closed (Cmd W) it is still running (as the dock shows it as such) but the WP admin area stops functioning. When the app icon in the dock is clicked it returns to the desktop and the back end is accessible again.

Prior to the update, the app would continue to work as expected even if closed - *** important note, I understand that the sites will not continue to work when the app has been quitted***.

The front end of local sites continues to work if the app is closed.

This is annoying behaviour as I now need to have the app running in minimised state in the dock.

Running OSX 10.13.5

Anyone else experiencing this?