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Nothing happens when I click on "Live Link"


To begin with, know that I’m not an English speaker, excuse me for the mistakes

I started playing with Local for a school project but I still can’t get a link for my teachers. I try to click on “Live Link” but nothing happens.

I have read the different similar topics but nothing seems to work. Can you help me?

I have the 3.0.4 Local version and my wordpress website 5.2.2. Oh and I work with MacOS

Hey @PBleunven

Welcome to the Local Forums!

It looks like the 3.0.4 version is an older version – I would start by updating to the most recent version of Local. To do this:

  • Take a backup of your sites (right-click and select “Export” for each one)
  • Stop the sites and quit Local
  • Download and install the most recent version
  • Start Local and see if that fixes things

If that still doesn’t allow you to use Live links, can you please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See this Community Forum post:
How do I retrieve Local's log file? for instructions on how to do so.