Please help I have really messed up and lost all my files!

Hi, I tried to make a local site and I chose my desktop as the path and it has now overridden all my files on my desktop and they are not in the recycle bin and I think I have lost everything. I dont have a backup and I tried recuva and it did not work. Please help!

When I’ve created Local sites I believe it fails when I accidentally choose a folder that already has content in it. In your case, I guess that failsafe didn’t happen. Unfortunately, since it sounds like it did directly delete all content in your Desktop folder, if you had no backup, then I don’t have any other ideas. Note, though, that Google Drive can backup your Desktop folder if you’d asked it to, so if you use Google Drive then perhaps copies of the content is there. Other cloud services have similar settings. Otherwise, I really have to say, next time have a backup solution in place. You never know what could wreck havoc on your data. Sorry that I don’t have any better news or advice.

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