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Problem with the database adminer and sequel pro

Here’s my problem.

I’m on a macOs Catilina 10.15.6.

If I start more then one website, the Adminer is going to mess up, so if I want to change the database, even a small change, the system will point to a different database sometimes.

To overcome the problem I thought to use Sequelpro, but with that tool, I have another problem which is the Socket.

So, for example:

Let’s say that my socket is:

/Users/me/Library/Application Support/Local/run/M0MoM0/mysql/mysqld.sock

in that very file, I won’t find any .sock file, instead, I will find a mysqld.sock.lock, which contains only one number (so it is useless because it will make the database unusable.

Is there any fix to this problem?

I need to change a db, it won’t matter if it will be the adminer or the socket…

Thank you in advance

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