ReInstalled Local

Recently I needed to uninstall my “local” app due to a total do over on my entire system. I had copied the local files onto my back. Following the reinstall of the local app, I haven’t been able to relink my previous files. What am I missing, if anything?

Windows 10
Local files located: c://users/trail/LocalSites

Hi @amcclintock

By Local Files are you talking about exported sites? If you need to get any sites back into Local you just need to zip up the site file and then drag and drop it back into the app.

Hello @Nick-B

First off, thank you for your prompt response. For starters, let me explain I am a novice when it comes to the Local App. I have used it this past few months to create a site while at the same time learning the ins and outs of wp. With that said, when I recently performed a simple backup of all my documents, I learned that the site (and related wp files) I had built via the Local app were located on the root directory under C:/users/profile name (trail)/Local Files. So when I saw where the files had been stored I grabbed them and moved them unzipped to the backup drive. I did not go through the process of exporting via the Local App itself - assuming that was even an option.

So now with that being said, I am attempting to find a way to bring back those files into my newly reinstalled Local App. They are unzipped and moved back to the same location prior to reformatting my entire system. I hope this helps answer your question you had?

Hey @amcclintock

For each site, you should be able to simply zip up the site files together (wp-content and SQL) and then drag and drop that back into your Local app to re-import it. Does that work for you?

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