Request error 502?

Hello, I can’t open my production site that I created on LOCAL Flywheel. I have the message below which is displayed and impossible to open my WEB site or even to open the WP ADMIN part because the error message 502 is displayed. What to do when the other sites created work perfectly when opening no 502 message. How can I solve the problem for this site? Thank you for any solutions you can provide to this anomaly. Cordially. jix

Request Error 502 !

The page you requested generated a server error and could not be processed.
If you continue to get this message after refreshing, try restarting the Local site.

If the error persists, check the Local Router Logs in Local by going to
Help » Reveal Local Router’s Logs.

If your webserver is Apache - change it to Nginx. See Internal Server Error - Apache - #3 by Nick-B

There seems to be some issues with imported sites and using Apache.

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