Sequel Pro not connecting to Local

Hey there!

Testing out the beta for Local, it’s been great so far and can’t wait for more features to be implemented.

Having a minor issue, I installed Sequel Pro but it still says “Download Sequel Pro” after downloading it. Is there a way for me to ‘connect’ it to local?

I’ve switched over to use Adminer but I do prefer Sequel Pro.

I think there is a thread in which they commented that the latest version that supports connecting with SequelPro is 5.0.5 Beta version.

Hmmm strange I’m on 5.0.7, this also didn’t work on 5.0.6 for me.

Latest MacOS 10.15 I think it is.

I’m having issues with 5.0.7 on Mac too. I’m able to connect using the socket though but when I select the local DB sequel pro crashes.

Any update of this?

I’m having issues with Local 5.0.7+1117 and SequelPro 1.1.2 on Mac too.

Local 5.x requires the Sequel Pro nightly at this time due to Local using MySQL 8.


Happened to me as well. With Tableplus it works fine. They have a free limited version, so you can test it a bit.

@afragen is right and helpful, but… neither Local 5.0.6 nor 5.0.7 connect to SequelPro correctly. You can manually put in the socket information (Andy has a post on this) if you’re a masochist.

Otherwise… @andrewlima do what I imagine most people are doing which is to use 5.0.5 (released in September 2019). That’s generally stable.

@jb510 just an FYI, Local Beta 5.1.11 does use the link correctly with the Sequel Pro nightly.

Wait… 5.1.11? I thought the beta program was dead. In fact after 5.0.6/7 being release all buggy and no fixes for months now I was starting to think the entire thing was dead.

It’s closed to the beta group though. It is a separate app and you will need to export/import sites.

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SequelPro is no longer being maintained. Sequel Pro has been abandoned. New team has forked to Sequel Ace

Any update on this front? I can’t actually browse my database.

I need help with this as well! I tried connecting using the socket with Sequel Pro and Sequel Ace to no avail!

Since SequelPro is no longer maintained, one option would be to use something like TablePlus along with the TablePlus add-on for Local.

If you do decide to use SequelAce, you might take a look at how the TablePlus add-on was built and create one that opens SequelAce instead:

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