Speed Issues on Local Machine


Thanks for the detailed info!

We do have plans of speeding up Local on Windows. In Local 2.0 we added NFS support (AKA "Faster Docker Volumes) for the Docker Machine but Windows does not ship with NFS like macOS does.

We’re still evaluating options including Hyper-V support for Windows 10 Pro.

If you want to do some Googling for ideas, you can look up something like:

Speed up VirtualBox shared folders on Windows

I thought DesktopServer for Windows was slow, but Local is far far slower. I’ve tried all the above and it’s still super slow. Any further suggestions or fixes?


Are you on macOS or Windows?

I’m to the point of scrapping Local and going back to running off of my remote server, which is nothing special but faster than Local running off of my RAID-0 SSD work drives. I really don’t get it. I’ve also had themes that simply will not work in Local, despite everything being in order and with settings tinkering in Local and the site itself. If it matters I can give a list.

Overall, the situation is disappointing. There’s so much potential for Flywheel to be a real solution to a wide range of issues I’ve experienced working on my sites remotely. Unfortunately, the two main issues I need Local to solve: stable, desktop-like speeds and broad compatibility – simply aren’t there. Also: I felt like portability would be a no-brainer; that I could use Dropbox and work on my sites from my laptop as well as my desktop. Why the entirety of the site data isn’t stored in or with the site folder itself is a mystery. I can pull up my entire Premiere and AfterEffects projects remotely.

I’m not seeing a proactive solution to these issues from responses in the forum, so I guess I’ll check back in with Local’s next major release. Until then…

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Same here. I can understand WP being more than 100% faster in Laravel Valet as opposed to Local, where VirtualBox and possibly Docker seem to eat CPU cycles, RAM and virtual disk space for breakfast.
However, seeing the WP backend on a basic remote site (Serverpilot on a Linode VPS in Frankfurt, 400km away) also being about twice as fast as a local site on my SSD feels a bit disappointing.

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Are you using Faster Docker Volumes?


I wrote out instructions on how to sync with Dropbox here: Using Local on multiple computers

As long as the domain is the same, there’s no reason why the Local site manifest needs to be synced.

Syncing MySQL with Dropbox is less than ideal due to conflicts that are bound to happen—even with other products like MAMP.

We totally understand the need for syncing sites. It’s something we plan on incorporating into Local Pro.

I too am noticing very slow performance using the latest version of Local by Flywheel. It seems to have just started recently. Can’t say why.

I’ve had to switch off Faster Docker Volumes because plugin, theme, and core installations, updates, activations all were failing.

Am switching off Xdebug today to see if this helps but this is very much a temporary solution as it’s a crucial part of development workflow when building themes or plugins.

Apologies for the late reply. I don’t seem to have received a notification of your reply. Anywho… I’m on Windows 10.

I’ve just updated to the latest version and it takes 17 seconds for a WordPress website page to open on the front-end, the back-end is even slower. As much as I don’t want to, I’m going to have to continue using DesktopServer.

Hi Athlone,

I understand! Thanks for your feedback!

We have things in the pipeline to drastically improve Local’s speed on Windows and have tested them, but they will take some time to implement. We’ll notify everyone when it’s available.

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Im here to chime in…Seems like Clay is the only one on the flywheel tech dept. Truly a great beta product, but this was no where near ready to roll out. My speed on bluehost dedicated server using managewp by orion is lightning quick. Its crazy to me how that is faster that information traveling 10 - 40 centimeters.

Thank you for responding to these and i know your hard a t work trying to improve this great concept.

I love the site url time limit access features, I love the templates that you can save configurations. Just 2 things I see

  1. Speed
  2. Glitches on Windows 10

Ill come back to this later - it was a good tease

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Also, facing extremely slow page load speeds on Windows 10 before and after commenting out x-debug. I put in a lot of time trying to set up this, my first local development platform. Really frustrated I spent all this time and effort and it’s so unbearably slow I can’t use it. I’ll probably just cut my losses and continue to make edits to my live site:

WP: 4.8
PHP: 5.6.20
MySQL: 5.6.3
Windows 10

I hope you are able to make some improvements as it seems like a promising project and I would like to support it.

Just wanted to jump in and say the xDebug disabling greatly improved speeds for me–on Mac with apache PHP7+ setup. Particularly on a site I was working on with WooCommerce.

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Hi Clay

First of all, thank you for the reply.

Yes please get those speed issues on Windows taken care of as for now Local is all but unusuable on a Windows machine and I will be sticking with DesktopServer until this is resolved.

Also is there a way to have an auto-login to the Admin Backend when viewing local sites? DesktopServer has a plugin to automatically login when visiting admin.

Also opting in here for a notification when the speed issues on windows are resolved…

I too, am seeing speed issues on Windows. I did get a slight improvement by changing the power management options to high performance and increasing the CPU power to minimum 80%. But it still is slower than my Vagrant VVV box and waaay slower than using my hosts staging account. I’m using the preferred environment so no Xdebug to disable.

WP: 4.8
PHP: 5.6.20
MySQL: 5.6.36
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB

The site in question is on the larger side. DB is around 75mb, wp-content is around 1GB.

I like the simplicity of Local, ease of SSL and how quick it is to create a local tunnel, but I think I will need to stick with VVV until it can be as fast as AMPPS/XAMP.

Hi guys,

I just tweaked my local XAMPP setup a bit and the speed savings I managed to get just from:

disabling cgi_module
using instead of localhost in wp-config.php
adding bind-address = :: to my.ini (the mysql ini settings file, at the top just under [mysqld])

Well, it’s an unbelievable difference. I’d say its about 50% faster now.

This is crazy.

12 second load time on a basic WordPress install. I was hoping the Query Monitor plugin would point me to something useful (like slow a DB) but nup, nothing.

I’ve bumped up the VM settings and I’m currently messing about in SSH to figure out why it’s so slow. This is totally unusable !

Windows 10, epic pc specs. Other VMs work super fast on same host.

Will write back if I find anything.

Hi all,

Local by Flywheel 2.0.7 is now available as a pre-release. It includes Faster Docker Volumes for Windows so you should see a visible site speed increase.


hi am having problem when i click on plugins on my dashboard, i only running 3 plugins. please help what should i do? am running 4.8.1 WP and local by flywheel