SSL issues on windows 10, cURL error, new install

I get this error when I’m trying to update WordPress:
Update WordPress
Downloading update from…

Download failed.: cURL error 35: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to

Installation Failed

I tried to set SSL to trusted but it resets and doesn’t do anything to help this problem.

I just installed local flywheel today. :frowning:



Sorry about this!

Which environment and version of PHP is this site running?

Also, Also, on the flywheel app I go to SSL and hit trust and then it gets a certificate certUtil.exe
then it says Trusted on SSL and I open the site in my restarted browser and it still says in the
browser i testone.local/ and then I go back to the flywheel app go from SSL to site setup and when
I go back to SSL the trusted is gone and it says trust again???

The Trust button under the SSL tab is unrelated to the error that you provided in the beginning of this topic. Clicking on the Trust button is meant to remove the self-signed certificate warning that you see when using HTTPS in your browsers.

We’re looking into why the “Trust” button will not go to “Trusted” on Windows after re-opening the SSL tab.

As far as the main issue goes, please see Unable to update WP Core and Plugins: cURL errors

hi Clay,
I ran the apt-get update && apt-get install ca-certificates
I ran the update on wordpress by logging onto the site wp-login.php and the update hung, or seemed to, so
I killed the window and when I went to Veiw Site it looked like the update worked
I tried to update and install some plugins, and they updated by very, very, very, very sloooowwwwllllly. Not
sure if there is a way to speed it up? Is there something weird about my configuration?
But this is a huge step forward :slight_smile:


I think this is a windows wide issue as i have this too!

Still having this issue. Windows 10 as well. Just tried apt-get update && apt-get install ca-certificates and though it had a few erros, this seems to have worked for wp_remote_get and wp_remote_post functionality after a restart of the local machine.