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I used the staging site to rebuild one of my sites using a page builder. The client isn’t ready to make that change yet, so I want to keep that for future reference, and shut down the staging site (I might need it for something else later and wouldn’t want to accidentally move the changes that are there now).I tried using a ManageWP backup of staging and I keep getting an error regarding the .fw-config.php file. I downloaded that file in FTP, and then added it to my backup, but when I zip it again that zipped file won’t import into local.

Here’s a screenshare of the error:

I’ve had this error before, and opened a ticket about it, but it was never resolved and I just gave up at the time.

Thanks for any help you can give.

I figured this out. Found some notes from last year with these instructions:
You might be able to make the backup easier to import by pulling out only the basic things that Local needs to create the site. So once you have extracted the backup on your desktop do these things:

  1. Create a new folder on the desktop, name it something like temp-local-site
  2. Copy the wp-content folder from the backup folder to inside the temp-local-site folder
  3. Find the database dump within the backup folder. This will likely be a file that ends with .sql
  4. Copy the .sql file to the temp-local-site next to the wp-content folder
  5. Compress the temp-local-site folder by creating a zip file from it
  6. Drag the newly created zip file onto Local to import it

At first it didn’t work, I got an error message that it couldn’t import the file. I finally shut down Local and restarted it and then I was able to import the zip file that I created.

Hope this helps someone else!

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