Staging site loading dev.local homepage

I’ve been developing a site on my local machine:
A: http://examplesite.local

I just published it to a staging server:

Every time I visit the staging site (B) the homepage loads the local build (A). This only happens on the homepage; all other pages load the staging version as expected.

I used wp-migrate pro (DeliciousBrains) to move the DB., but since experiencing this issue I have manually run a search & replace on the DB and repeatedly flushed all caches. The problem persists.

The problem only happens in Google Chome. Firefox isn’t presenting the same problem.

Any ideas??

Hey Sketchy,

Are you using any kind of additional cache on the staging website, such as Cloudflare?
Cloudflare cache for example, makes a cache of the website server-side, so you would need to log into your account there and empty it mannually.

If not, be sure you are “search-replacing” the correct database, and look into wp-config.php in the staging site if the configurations match your staging domain. There might be configurations remaining there that redirect your access to the local domain.

WP Migrate Pro and Search & Replace only changes your database, they don’t mess with your files, so if you migrate (as moving a website for the first time), there are more things you should watch for.
To migrate I recommend you use Duplicator or All-in-one WP Migration. After this migration, use WP Migrate Pro to sync your database when changes are made.