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Starting Local Machine (Stuck)

I installed Local onto my pc running windows 10. When the program boots up it says starting local machine with three green circles. It is stuck in that phase and won’t do anything. What do I need to do to make local work?

Check the log file, near the bottom. If you see anything about VT-x/AMD not enabled that’s your problem.

If so you’ll need to

  1. Check your computer’s BIOS to see if it’s enabled, disabled, or grayed out.
    –If disabled then enable and reboot - things should be fixed
    –If grayed out check to see if your microprocessor has the support for VT-x. If it’s grayed out, it probably doesn’t and you can’t use Local.
    –If enabled then you need to determine if you’re comfortable with updating your computer’s BIOS. This is not as straightforward as installing an OS update and can result in problems.

For the BIOS you’ll need to go to your computer manufacturer’s support OR your motherboard’s support and see what they say. In my research I’ve found many HP computers have this issue. Updating the BIOS won’t neccessarily fix things.

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Sorry for the trouble!

If you’re still running into this issue, can you please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See “How do I retrieve Local’s log file?” for instructions on how to do so.