Testing a site with different users (keeping the admin user logged in at all times)

To better test some features on the site I’ve designed, I need to be able to have three users in the system (with different rights and permissions, including among them the admin).

My problem is that I need to logout from one user to be able to use a different one. I am trying to emulate the situation when the site goes live, where I can have simultanesouly several users logged in with different access rights…

Any helpo will be highly appreciated


Use the plugin User Switching.


Sorry, I am looking to replicate the normal way of working of any website. That is, many users (hopefully) viewing the site (or even logged in to it if they are members) while the admin mantain the ability to login as needed, without interfere with anyone.
As I understood your recommendation, the plugin in question (User Switching) only facilitate the change between users, but does not allow to have 3 users (with different permissions) logged in at the same time. The latter is what I need to properly test certain features of the site I am working with.

Any addional help will be appreciated,


Other than having multiple “users” logged into the site at the same time from different browsers, I don’t know.

I’m not sure whether sharing the ngrok link will allow multiple simultaneous logins.

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