Textarea type in input statement in a form

In a form, the texture type appears as a single line as if it was the text type.

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This input needs to take an entire paragraph, or even two.
Using uptodate Safari as default browser.


That seemed to have come out wrong.
In a form the textarea (god, I hate auto correction) appears as a single line as if it was the text type.

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it needs to take a fair amount of text,

ok, use the quote block


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Can you provide screenshots of what you’re trying to do? We’d love to help, but we need a little more information. And another quick question, what WordPress theme are you using?

I am using local by flywheel only to check out a plugin I am writing, so no theme, and the website home page is the one that comes with Local… The plugin is for database creation, insert, delete, update only.

Code attached. Line 63 is the problem.

               <td><input type="textarea" name="topkik" value="<?php echo $topkik; ?>" class="ss-field-width" /></td

I need to enter a paragraph here, or even two. I have used textarea type happily before, works on all my browsers, but not in wordpress context.

Can you help?

And thanks for putting up with my fumbling with blockquote on the forum.

Please ignore this one. I am getting old an slow. Textarea is a tag, not an attribute.


Hey Dave, glad you figured it out! If you end up running into any other coding questions, I’d highly recommend using Stack Overflow as that’s a better forum for those types of questions, and that community is better suited to help with those topics. If, however, you experience any future issues specific to the Local app, this is certainly the forum for that :slight_smile:

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