The worst application ever!

Local by flywheel is by far the worst application ever, I started making websites with them and the websites get crashing i thought it was my computer that had a problem I changed the computer downloaded local again and tried making a website again and i got the same database error which noone at local want to attend to, i have sent emails which are not being attended to. I am working on websites and my job depends on it

You might try disabling all extensions in your browser because this worked for me. It’s also possible the application is using too much RAM. Try shutting down all other applications while you use Local.

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I have tried all that on 2 different pcs

Hey ya Barnet!

Those issues could be pretty frustrating, let’s try some solutions to see if we can’t get you on a better track!

The best way to get help on Local by Flywheel is through the community forums. I would search with your specific error through the forums, and a lot of the issues have already been encountered by our awesome community members. Some common items to check on are:

  1. Do you have avast anti-virus running, a couple people have ran into performance/start up conflicts with this.
  2. Did you check on your plugins? Sometimes too many plugins running at once can really crash a site.
  3. Did you restart your VirtualBox?
  1. Close Local if it’s running
  2. Open VirtualBox
  3. Right-click on local-by-flywheel and go to Settings
  4. Go to System
  5. Increase the Base Memory to 2GB
  6. Go to Process
  7. Bump up the CPU cores to 2 if possible