Trying to increase upload_max_filesize


I am importing a theme to Local and I am getting this error…

"Your server upload_max_filesize is lower than 32M. Because of that import functions may not work correctly. Please correct this with your hosting provider.”

However, I’ve updated my php.ini and restarted Local, and as you can see in my php.ini file, my settings are sufficient… But I’m still getting the “upload_max_filesize” warning.

I tried to ignored it the first time and uploaded the new theme anyway and it crashed the site. So I am starting over, but need to clear this warning.

Can someone tell me how to correct?


Copy of my php.ini file uploaded here:

Hi there,

Did you try restarting the actual site or just Local? If you only close out of the actual application the sites stay running and don’t restart.

Also, you can check to make sure the settings take effect by clicking on the small i right beside the PHP version in the site settings. This will open up a page containing phpinfo() and it will show you all of the current PHP settings.

Thanks for the info. I restarted everything and checked the phpinfo settings, which show 64M. However, the theme is still reading it as less than 32M. So I guess its a theme issue. I tried uploading again, and even though it says the upload was complete, its not running. I guess we should consider another theme.

Thanks again. I appreciate your response!

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