Trying To Use MainWP On Local But Keep Getting An Error When Trying To Connect Sites


You’re not gonna believe this. The first path I tried worked!

I looked through the paths one by one and most of them looked like they were associated with Wordpress plugins but then I came across one that looked more like the examples I’d seen in one of my Google searches and it worked.

For anyone having the same issue here are the steps I followed:

  1. Install MainWP on the Wordpress installation running on LocalWP using all default settings
  2. In the MainWP dashboard navigate to Settings > MainWP Tools
  3. Click the " Quick Setup Wizard" button
  4. Click “Let’s Go” and select “Localhost” and “Windows” radio buttons. (Yes, weird even though I’m on a Mac but this is what works).
  5. Enter the following path into the box that opens up once you select “Windows”
  6. Click “Continue” to ensure the path you entered is saved

Then it’s just a matter of either completing the wizard to add your first site or exiting the wizard and adding a website by clicking the “New Site” button at the top right of every page in the MainWP dashboard.

Oh and to find the path of the files I was looking at… open a Finder window and make sure “Show Path Bar” is enabled in the “View” menu. For each file you single-click on in the Finder you’ll see a path at the bottom of the Finder window.

Use either Ctrl-Click, 2 finger tap or Right-Click on the file name in the path to reveal the option to “Copy FILENAME as Pathname”. See attached image below…

Finding the openssl file