Two-Factor Authentication Problem

My live site uses two-factor authentication from iThemes. Authentication codes can be delivered either by email or by text. In migrating may live site to Local, I discovered that the email delivery method fails to work. Since I had originally set up my live site to use email delivery only, I found that I could not log into the Admin level of my Local site. I had to go back to my live site, change the method to text and re-download the site to Local.

The text method uses the Google Authenticator app on my iPhone to produce the login code. I can enter that during the login process to successfully access my Local site.

I had also set up email as an alternative method, but again this did not work in Local. The login process goes to the page asking for the authentication code and says that an email was sent. But that email does not arrive.

I am not able to see what email address is being used by Local but it clearly is not the same address as defined in my live site.


E-mails from Local sites are automatically intercepted by MailHog. You can view all e-mails sent from your Local sites by going to the site in Local then Utilities » MailHog.

Got it. That fact should also be better documented for users, especially those expecting 2-factor authentication via email.

Thanks for your help for this problem as well as the media one related to Jetpack.

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