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Unable to provision any site

Bug Summary

Upon fresh install on new windows 10 home edition, local can’t provision any sites.

Steps to reproduce

Take a fresh install of windows 10 home edition.
Install the latest version of local from the website.
Try to provision a new site in local.

Environment Info

  • Windows 10 home edition
  • Any site configuration.
  • Local V.6.1.2+5473

Supporting info

local-lightning.log (180.1 KB)


  • Characters in my system username are not escaped in filepaths? Only users with english names are allowed to use local?


  • Local becomes utterly useless.

Thanks for reporting this bug and you’re exactly right that this is due to special characters within the username.

We just recently created this “Bugs” category and I’m in the process of consolidating bugs here. I’ve just moved the “top” (ie, most views/replies/activity) topic related to special characters in the username here:

I’ll go ahead and close this topic, but can you up-vote the topic I’ve linked to above?

Thanks for your reply. Upvoted the other topic. I don’t have uncanny so I won’t be upvoting anything ther, however.


Canny is the old bug reporting software we were trying out, but it introduced more hassle than benefits, so upvoting the other topic is perfect!

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