Up and download of files created with All In One Migration

I have found it impossible to move files created with AIOM to and from my Flywheel account running on your server. The transfers continue to “time out.”

What is going on?


It’s likely that the plugin runs too long and then times out. Chat with flywheel support from https://app.getflywheel.com to open a support request.

Have you considered using Local Connect to push/pull your site?

That does not work. There appears to be no way to wipe out the files on the server. There should absolutely no reason why what I am doing should not work, particularly timeout so quickly. More likely you have disc or file size constraints the are not being disclosed. Not good.


Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please provide a screenshot of the errors you’re running into?

The timeouts show up in the bar of Safari.

Chrome and Foxfire also fail. Problem is on your end.

Hi Clay,

The timeout issue shows up in the browser bar in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Mean time to failure is about 10 seconds. STD 5 seconds.

Nothing like this happens on my other servers, including Network Solutions,

It also is impossible for me to ftp files to and form my account on your server.

Something is clearly wrong on your end. Again, I suspect disc storage and file size constraints that are not being revealed to customers.

It appears that your service is set up for hobbyists, not for serious commercial use. Correct?

Finally, your documentation is not good, and both the Local app and the server side are not transparent.

Please advise asap.


Hey @notimeflat

Thanks for responding! Let’s see what we can do to get things working for you!

As Jack mentioned, if there are issues with the site that’s hosted on Flywheel’s servers, the best place to get help is by creating a support ticket from within the Flywheel dashboard:

That being said, the best way to deploy a site from Local to Flywheel’s servers is to make use of Local Connect. Doing this will bypass any upload limits or timeout issues that are associated with POST’ing to the site directly.

Again this is something that you’ll want to bring up when creating a support ticket with Flywheel’s Hosting support.

You can always get an idea for the resources that are used by a site hosted on Flywheel by accessing the “Stats” page from the Flywheel dashboard.

Since you asked if this is correct or not – Flywheel’s hosting services do empower users to create sites for any number of solutions. We certainly do host many sites that could be categorized as “seriously commercial.”

Thanks for the feedback – we’re always trying to make things better! Here are some links to various help docs.

We’d love to hear more about where things are confusing so that we can work to improve the documentation we have!

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