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Updated flywheel, now stuck at 'starting site'

Hi there
I’m newish to flywheel and new to this support community - so hi!
I’ve just been asked by flywheel to update and have done so. As far as I know I’ve clicked on the right things. I then got to a list of my sites and clicked on one to start it. It comes up with a big orange banner at the top saying that an ‘environment update is available’ and asks me to update. When I do so it instructs me to start the site. I do this and it just hangs (for hours) in ‘starting site’ mode. I’m using a Windows Machine.
At one point it asked me to clone a site (I can’t recall all the steps/the actual wording of the instructions) and a similar thing happened with the cloned site.
Any suggestions?

quick update - the cloned site seems to let me start it but when I click on the link to open the site it tells me 502 Bad Gateway…
When I put /wp-admin/ after it does allow me to log in and then I can preview pages however. So at least that’s a work around for now.

Hey @EMK123 – Welcome to the forums and thanks for your patience in getting a response!

Are you still having issues with the site?

The “502 Request Error” is fairly common and you can take a look at this FAQ to see some troubleshooting steps to help fix things:

If none of those things work, then please let us know and along with provide your local-by-flywheel.log file. See this Community Forum post:
How do I retrieve Local's log file? for instructions on how to do so.