Using Duplicator Pro With Flywheel


I am trying to backup a large local site using duplicator pro.
In the duplicator plugin I’m getting this warning…

In order to use mysqldump the PHP function shell_exec needs to be enabled. This server currently does not allow shell_exec to run. Please contact your host or server admin to enable this feature. For a list of approved providers that support shell_exec click here. The ‘PHP Code’ setting will be used until this issue is resolved by your hosting provider.

Can you tell me I enable shell_exec within local?

Many Thanks.

Sorry to ask a question without doing more research. I found the answer. I had to change the local environment from preferred to custom.
It created a conf folder and in the php folder I found php.ini and added the following line.
safe_mode_exec_dir = off
That fixed the issue.

Just in case anyone else comes across this problem.

Kind Regards



Thanks for returning and posting your answer to the problem!

Also, Duplicator has two options for Database build, PHP and mysqldump, you might have tried to use the latter, but the first one could work without changing anything on the environment. Despite that, with your knowledge and research skills, I do recommend you use Custom Environment most times, as it is more expandable and configurable.