Where's the SQL file located exactly?

Trying out Local for the first time. I installed a local WordPress site on my Dropbox account so that I can perhaps sync a website via Dropbox between multiple computers.

Having said that, where’s the actual SQL database for the WordPress site installed being saved in? Is there a folder for it I can access somewhere, ideally include it in my Dropbox folder somehow.

Apologies if this was already discussed. Thanks

Hi @barkins,

SQL files will automatically dump into app/sql whenever a site is stopped or restarted.

As far as the raw SQL data goes, it’s stored inside the container in /var/lib/mysql.

To sync Local websites with Dropbox, see Using Local on multiple computers

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I am having the same issue, and the files are not in app/sql. there is not a folder called sql in the app folder. I am running Linux Mint 19.2.

Hey @Antonios

Local Lightning (the Linux version is a part of that) is still currently in public beta. The feature of exporting SQL files to /app/sql on close isn’t currently available but will be in a future release.

In the meantime, you can right-click on the site name and export the site. This will have a copy of the database in it.

Pro Tip If you put only * in the File Exclusion Filter, this will only export the database and export much faster.

Same issue here using Local Lightning on Win 7. There doesn’t seem to be a link to Adminer any more but I need to access the DB data to fix a broken site.

Do I need to install Adminer (or PHPMyAdmin) on the machine to access the data used by LL? Thanks.

Hey @renWeb,

Adminer isn’t in the Local Lighten public beta quite yet. As an alternative, you can setup TablePress to access the database.

We have a help doc on that right here:

Aha - found this…


That was quick! - Thanks :slight_smile:

I installed TablePlus and am now back up and running.

NB. Instructions on the ‘how-to-use-tableplus-with-local’ page have changed slightly - now using a port rather than a socket - but seems to work well and very intuitively (+ has a cool dark theme). Just remember to hit Ctrl-s, or edit>commit, to save changes before you go :slight_smile:

BTW. I like the way Local (Lightning) is shaping up - can’t imagine going back to using VirtualHost now! Best wishes, Ren