Which version is most up to date?

Is there a way to know whether the local version is ahead or behind the live version? I realise I can always pull from live to ensure they are in sync but that will override any local changes I may have made.

Hey @codescribler

Since WordPress is a content management system, there isn’t a good way of versioning the content itself.

I’ve found that a good rule of thumb is to let the remote site be where all of the content updates should happen and let Local be the place where you try out crazy ideas, break things, and develop things like Plugins or Themes.

Because of this, I mostly am just pulling sites down in order to get updated content. If you make use of something like Local Pro or Local for Teams, then you can make use of the Magic Sync viewer to have a lot more fine-grained control over what gets transferred during a push or a pull.

Hope that helps clarify things and let you think a bit more about improving the workflow!

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