Windows | Local is very slow

Local runs very slow and I have trusted the local site with the SSL trust button but does not recognise it as secure, can you help please?

What is the usual reply time on these forums? Desperately need help with this.


Please try enabling Faster Docker Volumes under Preferences » Advanced.

If the site is still slow, see Very slow on Windows 10.

Sorry for the slowdown!

I have tried using the Faster Docker Volumes but it seems to just disable itself after a while?

Edit: I am using Avast (as I noticed someone had an issue with it in the post you linked), do you know how to make them both work together?


Thanks for the screenshot!

See @Iws’s post here: Slow on Windows 10

I have foillowed Iws’ guide but the only problem that the executable file WinNFSd.exe doesn’t exist within the directory ‘extraResources’, strange.

What version of Local are you running?

If you’re running 2.2.4 or newer, check Avast’s quarantine.

It is vesion 2.2.4 but I’m not really sure how to check the quarantine.


My bad! It’s called “Virus Chest” in Avast.


Thank you Clay that seems to have worked! Brilliant support. :slight_smile:

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So this is 2019, and I am having all of the issues that has been described in this thread. The only differences is that My “WinNFSd.exe” is fine… it’s not being quarantined by avast and I can find it the “extraRsources” folder… I have combed through every thread on this issue in the forums and tried every suggested solution and none seems to work for me…

So, pleeeeease. Can somebody help me?