[Windows] VBox Machine UUID doesn't match

Windows 10 ran it’s magical auto-update last night, and after rebooting my Local shows all my sites as invalid, both missing from the image, and missing hosts entries (the hosts entries are the least of my problems).

I checked VirtualBox, and it now has two local-by-flywheel images, one is Inaccessible with an error stating Machine UUID {23d452c1-aec2-4c2d-b950-5ac3fa0dafc9} in 'C:\Users\marius\.docker\machine\machines\local-by-flywheel\local-by-flywheel\local-by-flywheel.vbox' doesn't match its UUID {4f7ad7a7-eb96-4656-a3a9-6adcd3727430} in the registry file 'C:\Users\marius\.VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml'.

I saw some instructions on copying the files from my local directory and re-creating them, this isn’t an option for me as some of my images had custom PHP modules loaded in which is more work than just copying a file, so I’d love to sort out why the local image is no longer accessible after this update. (The update in question, for reference, is 2018-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4074588) ).

I’ve made sure not to remove the invalid image, and I’ve done a clean shutdown of the newly created image just to avoid any potential cross-contamination for now.

Hi Marius,

So sorry for the trouble!

Can you try upgrading VirtualBox to v5.2.6? Sometimes this will resolve issues after a Windows upgrade. Here’s the direct download link: https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/5.2.6/VirtualBox-5.2.6-120293-Win.exe

Simply run that installer and it will automatically upgrade VirtualBox.

Hiya Clay,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m already running VB 5.2.6, no new releases for that unfortunately.

Got it. Can you try running the installer again anyway? That should still re-install (without loss of data) VirtualBox.

Did a reinstall as requested, but unfortunately to no avail.