WordPress in subdirectory, plus sync


I have a feeling I might be asking for too much, but here goes. I can successfully set up WordPress to sync across 2 machines using Clay’s method here Using Local on multiple computers

I’ve used the same method again, but this time I want to make a plain static site and run WordPress in a subdirectory called blog, so I deleted all the WordPress files from the root and put them in a dir called blog, opened wp-config and changed the home and site urls to reflect this change.

I can reach the WordPress login page from example-site/blog/login.php but when I try to login the page just refreshes. Is there any way to get this to work and have the database sync across machines too.

Thank you.


I changed the site urls in the wp_options table using Sequel Pro, so now I can login… I have a feeling the database wont sync across to my other machine, but we’ll see, I’m testing it now…

Wow it works, files and database are synching, and I even got SSL to work using this Running WP in a subdirectory nginx, wp-admin too many redirects

I should point out that on machine two I had to open Sequel Pro and update the urls to https.

If Fly Wheel can make all of this native then, for new developers especially, I seriously don’t see how MAMP, AMPPS or anything else can be viable options for anyone anymore!

Ahh I love Local Fly Wheel!!