Wordpress, menu's messed up, cache problem?

Hello all

I’m working on a local Wordpress site and when coding the menu’s i get the same menu both in main header and the two footer ones. At first the main header would look like it should, but now that’s all the same. I tried remnaming, deleting within WP and making new ones. Doesn’t matter.

The code is as it should be. It doesn’t help clearing browser cache.

A user reported (within the course i’m taking) that deleting all menu’s and coding them again in different names did it. But it shouldn’t be like that.

To me it looks like a cache problem, but where is the cache within Local ?

I run all the newest version., though my PHP is 7.4.1. I’m on Apache.

All the best

@Boblebad007 Have you checked that the correct menus are assigned to the right locations (Appearance / Menus / Manage Locations)? It sounds like you have one menu assigned to multiple locations. Or the theme is pulling in the same location/menu in the code.

Yep @burt, all is checked :slight_smile:

I have also tried changing the names on them as per the other user mentioned. Didn’t help in my case.

When i remove both footer menus, then header took its place again. Adding first the second footer, nothing happened. Adding the first footer, it took over all the other menus. But the code is exactly as it should be per the course. Also per Wordpress docs.

I have cleared browser more than once, tried different browsers too. Same same.

But there’s a good deal which have had the same problem, so it looks like it has something to do with Local, and that was why i was looking for caching options. But i couldn’t find any.

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