Xdebug is not compatible Preferred sites

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Make sure that the Xdebug + IntelliJ add-on is enabled in Local. Go to Preferences » Add-ons to check. Also ensure that the site to be used is running on a Custom environment. Right now, preferred environments don’t have xDebug installed. From there, the general steps for configuring this look like:

  1. Go to the site you wish to use Xdebug with
  2. Go to the Utilities tab
  3. Click on Configure PhpStorm and IntelliJ IDEs
  4. Open up that site’s public folder in PhpStorm
  5. You should then see a “Local by Flywheel” configuration for Xdebug
  6. Set any breakpoints you wish to check and then click on the bug icon to start debugging.

This should work pretty well, but if you are curious about additional troubleshooting things, this forum post has a lot of good info, though it’s specific to Visual Studio code: How to get Xdebug working with Visual Studio Code?

Let us know how it goes or if you have any other questions!