503 Error on all sites front-end since latest update

Since the latest update I’m getting 503 Service Unavailable errors on the front-end of many sites. I don’t know what it is, but it just doesn’t work. Sometimes when I change the server settings and the domain name I can login, but next time it breaks again.

Any idea?

Having the same issues – after changing the site domains and having multiple errors (stuck in provisioning, etc.), I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Local, then importing my sites. Unfortunately, while trying to import, I’m getting critical errors in my site SSH when I try to load in the SQL databases.

I’ve lost access to all of my sites – really need a fix for this.

I’ve found the issue to be with the web server running Apache using the latest version (2.2.4 at time of writing).
Changing this to nginx by clicking ‘Change’ next to Custom 1.2 in the Local Environment options under Site Settings allowed me to change it to nginx and everything worked fine. I also found that switching Faster Docker Volumes in the app settings to ‘Off’ seriously helped with regards to errors when provisioning new sites.

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