Added folder to local wordpress site and get 403 error

Hi I am running a migrated wordpress site on my pc. There are a lot of posts that display images from the online site with a url ( so I added an images folder to the public folder of the wordpress site and the url to display the images is www.mysite.local/images/2020/JAN/image1.JPG. The site does not display these images and when I put mysite.local/images/2020/JAN/image1.JPG in my browser window I get a 403 forbidden error. I get the same error with the following url in my browser mysite.local/images/ How can I get the Local wordpress site to display these images? Thanks

Hey @mochi, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

That’s definitely odd! Do you have a screenshot of the actual error? Just to clarify, what OS are you using? You mention a PC, so I’m guessing Windows, but what version?

You also mention that this site was migrated to this computer – can you describe in a little more detail how it was migrated?

I notice that there are some capital letters in the filename (.JPG) – I wonder if there’s some issue with names not being resolved correctly. If you navigate to the file using a file manager, does the filename match what’s being put into the address bar exactly?

Lastly, you might take a look at the properties of those folders as well as of those files and make sure they have similar permissions to the wp-content folder of the site.