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Adding an easier way to connect to Live Preview

It would be great to add like a QR code to make connecting (and sharing) live preview link while developing.
Current way requires typing in the generated url and username/password manually. Which can be annoying and takes up time, especially when sharing and explaining it to clients.
If a QR could be generated instead, which we can scan with our phone to view the site, it would make the whole process much easier and user friendly. It’s not a big issue but it would be a great “quality of life” improvement.

Is there a chance this, or something similar, could be implemented in futire release(s)?

Hi @SandiaCreative

Thank you for this feature request! I shared this with our Local Dev and Product Design team members. They are definitely interested in ways to make sharing easier and will be looking into enhancements down the road for this including your suggestion. :green_heart:

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