After an unsuccesful database import to localhost all databases stopped working

I receive the following message in all my sites:

Warning: session_regenerate_id(): write failed: No space left on device (28) in /etc/scripts/local-adminer.php on line  *571*

Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Session write failed. ID: files (path: ) in /etc/scripts/local-adminer.php on line  *571*

Do you know how to solve this issue? - It has blocked me completely.

It means the server/VM has run out of disk space. Maybe you have too many sites in Local or they have huge databases? According to this post, as of April 2017, Local defaults the VM disk size to 120GB. So if you exceed that in total of all your sites you can get this error. Try the script here to fix the issue, changing the amount on line 10 to fit your situation.

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