After loading updates on a site it crashed

I made uploading information from Local 7.1.2
And get this problem on a home page in wpengine server

How to fix it ? Can you give me any tips?

These are simply deprecation notices telling the developer that certain uses of the PHP language will be unsupported in a future version. In this case, it looks like the server is running PHP 8.2, and these uses will be removed in PHP 9.x. The notices are showing up because you have WP_DEBUG enabled. If you disable WP_DEBUG, these notices will go away.

These notices are generated by WPE’s plugins, so it’s a bit frustrating when they should be fully supporting PHP 8.2 at this point. You wouldn’t have seen these on your Local environment as those plugins are not installed there – and shouldn’t be.

Hey @BlackStar1991 , @burt 's links are helpful starting points.

Can you clarify a bit more about how the site was uploaded from Local to WP Engine?

Since those are deprecated notices, are there differences in the PHP versions that are used on the Local site and the remote site?

I don’t understand why, but the problem was in the plugin Gravity Forms It got the new version the same time I uploaded the file to the server.

I disabled this plugin and the new download was successful

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