ANYONE? Laptop crashed and now I have a database error - cannot connect

If I can’t figure out what happened, I won’t use Flywheel anymore. What if I was further along in my project and this happened?? Does anyone know what issue occurred and how to fix this?

My laptop gave me a sudden blue screen while I was working away. Now, I’m able to start Local and able to start the site - or it says it’s started just fine, anyway… but when I try to start any work I’m greeted with “Error establishing database connection”.

I’ve checked my wp-config file and all of the db info in there is exactly as it was. I have no clue how to resolve this.

I would start a new site but now I’m worried this same thing could happen and I’d lose even more time. My confidence is shaken.

I’d be SUPER grateful for any help. Attached is the flywheel log and also the sql log. Something went terribly wrong.
error.log (353.4 KB) (13.5 KB)

Hey @mische7

We’ve had some reports of Windows 10 giving the Blue Screen with recent updates of Windows. This thread has a lot of info about what others have tried, but can you review the things that vanbo has done and see if they fix things for you: