Associated route not working after pull from flywheel

I pulled a site from flywheel and it doesnt work. :frowning: Not sure why to be honest. There is nothing on the date/time in error log. I have other local projects that works. Only this time it doesnt.

Windows 10.

The page says:
The site you requested does not have an associated route in Local.
If you continue to get this message after refreshing, try restarting the Local site.

If the error persists, check the Local Router Logs in Local by going to
Help » Reveal Local Router’s Logs.

Hey @nom - Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Did you try restarting the Local site like the message says?

If that didn’t fix things, did you look within the Router Log like the page mentions? What did you find?

Can you try installing the latest version of Local and see if that fixes things?

If you still have issues, the latest version of Local, has a “Download Local Log” button on the “Support” tab. Can you upload the file that Local creates after clicking that button?

I clicked “check for updates” and updated Local. Now the site works fine. Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

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