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Bad Port Error When Using Atlas Extension

When creating a new site using the Atlas extension I get the following error;

RangeError [ERR_SOCKET_BAD_PORT]: options.port should be >= 0 and < 65536. Received NaN.
    at new NodeError (node:internal/errors:372:5)
    at validatePort (node:internal/validators:217:11)
    at Server.listen (node:net:1500:5)
    at C:\Users\lewis\Local Sites\headless\app-node\node_modules\next\dist\server\lib\start-server.js:55:16
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at Object.startServer (C:\Users\lewis\Local Sites\headless\app-node\node_modules\next\dist\server\lib\start-server.js:22:12)
    at nextDev (C:\Users\lewis\Local Sites\headless\app-node\node_modules\next\dist\cli\next-dev.js:129:23)
    at C:\Users\lewis\Local Sites\headless\app-node\node_modules\next\dist\bin\next:147:44 {

I can see the WordPress side of the installation but the front end section outputs the above in the terminal. I was wondering if anyone else has came across this issue before.

When creating from the portfolio blue print I don’t get this error but I do get the following error instead;

error - Could not find NEXT_PUBLIC_WORDPRESS_URL environment variable.

I am running nginx, PHP 8.1.9 with WordPress version 6.1.1 on Local 6.6.1+6281

Hi @lewisself - thanks for checking out Local/Atlas!

What operating system are you on? I’m unable to reproduce this on my machine, but I’m on MacOS Monterey (12.6.3). I’m going to fire up Windows machine and try there!