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Basic site tunnels provided by Ngrok

Issue Summary

I was just looking at the features list found on https://localwp.com/features/ and spotted “Basic site tunnels provided by Ngrok” in addition to (right above) “Live Links: URLs with higher connection limits, built for testing as a team”. Live links is no good for testing out integration with third party web hooks owing to the username and password so I’ve been using Ngrok (independently of Local) to create a tunnel. This feature suggests though that a ‘simple tunnel’ exists inside Local in addition to the ‘Live Link’ tunnel which I understand is also provided by Ngrok. Am I missing something or is this just listing the same feature twice?

I’m looking for the exact same info. Any luck or pointers? Searched it to death, no luck so far.

I could be mistaken, but I think Local used to use Ngrok to serve tunnels a while ago but then changed to their own system when Live Links were introduced (their version of ngrok didn’t work well, IMO).

I still prefer using Ngrok because I have a paid account and I run into issues with Live Links all the time for some reason. It’s not a one-click process but it’s pretty simple to use it with Local, you just need to include a snippet (or use a plugin) which converts all links to relative URLs before it will work.

Sounds like a Local Add-on for using Ngrok would be a great idea for someone to build…