Bedrock installation

I follow the tutorial from here to install bedrock.
I get 404 accessing https://bedrock.local only when I install bedrock in ~/Local Sites/bedrock/app/ , where I run:

$ composer create-project roots/bedrock

In site.conf.hbs file I set:

root /app/bedrock/web/;

instead of

root   "{{root}}";

to make nginx work with a new path.

Please help, what I do wrong? Either the tutorial is no longer applicable?


When I hit the start button after trying to install Bedrock I’m getting 502, 404 and 403 errors when I attempt to edit the env files and roots area of the site.conf files. I am told to replace root with root /app/bedrock/web/; however the site.conf file isnt formatted like this instead there are handlebars and every time I spin up a new site and begin to edit the .env files and stie.conf I get errors. I haven’t been able to spin up Bedrock with Local for a week now trying different solutions. Please help.


Cloned in a roots/bedrock install which requires that the nginx site.conf file be edited.
Specifically, I need to change the location of the server from root /app/public to: root /app/bedrock/web.
This would be easy if the format of the file had not changed to a templated file with server {{this}}.

Hey Everyone thanks for taking Local for a spin and trying to get Bedrock to work with it!

The guide that is linked to is in reference to the 3.x version of Local, and Local Lightning (5.x) has changed a lot under the hood, most notably it no longer uses VirtualBox to create a virtual machine for the WordPress sites.

Have any of you been able to get this working?

One thing to remember is that you’ll likely need to stop the site in Local, make the changes to the site.conf.hbs file and then start the site in Local in order to compile those NGINX rule into place.

If using Roots’ Bedrock project is a feature that you would like to see implemented, I would recommend creating and upvoting a feature request here:


Hey @mariusz @maadhappy and @dennis1 One other thing to mention – can you all take a look at this forum post and let us know if it solves your issues with setting up a Bedrock site in Local:

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