Beta feedback Local (5.0.6) MacOS

Hi there

This probably is not in the right spot, but I cannot seem to find the right spot. I’d like to share my thoughts on the (fantastic, but lacking) Local (Lightning 5.x) beta.

First; I like it! it’s fast, it works, it’s a step in the right direction (as in; away from virtualisation).
But, I do see some flaws.

  1. bug: Sequel Pro button does nothing but nag to download. I already have Sequel Pro installed, but nonetheless, the button keeps telling me it isn’t.
  2. flaw: Local writes to the /etc/hosts file with the same tag (Local by Flywheel), overwriting all IPs and therefore the claim “coexists with LbF” is not really true, as only one of the two can be functional at a given time.
  3. flaw: Only one PHP version
  4. flaw: Only one MySQL version
  5. flaw: Only one Apache version
  6. flaw: mandatory nginx

3 thru 6 are probably unavoidable as Local uses the system software, but, I think you may have over-simplified.
Instead of removing both VirtualBox AND Docker, perhaps you should consider brining Docker back; that way, each site can once again have their own PHP, Apache OR nginx, MySQL or MariaDB etc.

  1. Weirdness;
    the WP-CLI works only partly;
    wp option get siteurl presents me with the correct site url for the site I opened using the “Open shell” option but wp db query claims it’s missing a socket in /tmp/mysql.sock
    This will also be solved when bringing back Docker, but in case you don’t intend to, it’s a bug :slight_smile:

To conclude; I still like where Local is going, the virtualisation in LbF really is a pain and error-prone (often losing database content), but at this time, Local is far too limited for my (our) daily use.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work :smiley:


Now running on 5.2.8+2771, most issues are still present.
I am a little disappointed to not have seen any response in over 3 months …

In my experience, most of your list has actually been fixed, or at least is addressable. For reference, I’m running the same version of Local as you on macOS Mojave.

Sequel Pro opens normally in my environment. This could be an issue with your Sequel Pro install not being where Local expects? I dimly recall I had this same problem with one of the early betas and I think I just had to reinstall SP to resolve.

This is definitely still ongoing, yep. I just completed migrating all my sites from LbF to Local this week and was forced to accelerate the migration because of this particular issue.

Hot-swapping versions for a site doesn’t seem to be working yet, but I certainly have sites running different versions of PHP and MySQL

All my sites were already running on nginx, but I see how it would be a limitation if you prefer Apache

To access my Local sites via WP-CLI, I created the wp-cli.local.yml and wp-cli.local.php files as described here: Start site through command line - #15 by alexclst - Feature requests - Local Community then just populated the DB_HOST parameter in wp-cli.local.php with the “Socket” value listed under the “Database” tab.

Hope that’s helpful.


Thanks for your time and post! In regards to your feedback and ideas, a couple of your feedback items are currently on our Feature Request board and can be viewed here:

In this board, you can up vote other feature requests and view the status as the team starts working on them.