Blueprints File Exclusion default

Just curious, when creating a new Blueprint, the File Exclusion Filter step is pre-filled with [object Object]

Should this be removed, or is it necessary for some purpose?


Hi there, Paul! :wave:t3:

Thank you for bringing your question here - do you mean when you go to “Save as Blueprint” the File Exclusion Filter is filled with [object Object]?

This is what I see when I go to Save as Blueprint:

Let me know (if you could provide a screenshot that would be super helpful),

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

This is what I see when I click save blueprint option:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the screenshot! Are you using the latest version of Local?

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

Yes, on Win10 everything is up to date. Local at vs 6.4.0+5927. I’m guessing this isn’t normal then?

Hello there, Paul! :wave:

Thanks for your patience as the team took a look at this.

It looks if there are any edits made in the global settings to File Exclusion Filter under Preferences > Exporting, it results in pre-populating that field with [object Object] (which prevents you from saving the Blueprint).

We appreciate you for helping us uncover this bug!

Although this isn’t the most elegant solution, we do have a work around that should get things working again (see the steps & screenshot below):

  1. Navigate to Local’s settings folder

  2. Delete the settings-exporting.json file

  3. Return to Local and right click your site to Save as Blueprint

Shared with CloudApp

Please let me know if that helps and allows you to save your Blueprint after deleting that file.

Thank you!

:woman_technologist:t3: Sam

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That worked, thank you!

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