Bricks -> Static site -> Netlify. Help?

I really just wanted to build a nice site (using LocalWP) with a good WordPress builder (Bricks), make it a static site, and then host it on Netlify. I MUST be fucking something up if it’s this hard.

Firstly, my site is completed in Bricks, but the Gutenburg editor only shows me the HTML, no styling whatsoever. I’m not sure what’s happening there, but selecting “View” on the Page shows me the completed page. I should be good to go, right?

Nope! I tried converting it to a static site via the Simply Static plugin many times, but when I uploaded those files to Netlify, it just says “Nothing found” in bold letters. I don’t understand why.

This should be the easiest thing in the world, right? Am I missing something crucial here? It seems like the foolproof way isn’t working for me. I’m baffled. Any help would be awesome.

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