Broken image links with Live Link

I am trying to show my website build on Local to a client using Live Link but the image links are all broken.

I’ve used a theme from Themeco and Cornerstone builder.

Use the search and replace to replace your original website URI (e.g., with the one for local (e.g., yoursitename.local.)


Be it as it may for this to work, it doesn’t seem like a great solution to have to change the links everytime. I understand the need to do it, but I thought Live Links would have taken care of it.

Can anyone else confirm that changing the URLs needs to be done? It does then bring up an error message (the orange error message saying links are broken) on the Local WP Dashboard itself, which seems counter-intuitive.

Gary - No, of course it shouldn’t be this way. And, I haven’t had this problem for at least 5-6 months. But, knowing that may likely fix your image problem, it’s easier to just do the S&R and get on with your development (rather than wait for an answer from the Local team.) I see no problem with your posting of this problem here, but I wouldn’t wait around for an “official” reply.
Just trying to help out with a problem I’ve seen in the past.

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No no of course not and I appreciate your taking the time out to reply to me.

I received an email (and I guess I’m not the only one) from Local saying something about they realised there was an issue with Live Link and that the new update fixes it. I wish they went into more details.

I am having the same issue, but I believe I have made mine more complex by using the search and replace function. I accidentally put a space in the “replace” link, and now things are really screwed up! I can’t access the ADMIN area in Local. I need help in a bad way!

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