Broken Images on Live Link

Good morning,

I’m sharing the development site with the client this morning, and the images are broken on the live link. How can I fix that? The live link is and the Folio page has a number of images on it.


Just wanted to say that I came here with the same problem. Looking forward to getting an answer.

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Did you receive an answer about broken images on the live link? I am still waiting for support…

Hi all,

Can you please share what your Local site domains are and what the original source of the image/links are that are broken?

Sorry for the trouble!, images were just jpgs that I uploaded like the other pictures that worked fine. I did do some light editing on the broken images using Pixelmator if that makes a difference.

The local development site is

I used .jpg images, loaded in to the Flatfolio plugin.

I encounter these problems when my site is in HTTPS and ngrok serve it as HTTP. What I did was (Using Chrome), click on the shield warning in the URL bar and allow it to load unsafe script. Not the best solution so I hope something can be done on lbfw’s end.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try that.