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i set up a local WordPress environment using local by flywheel with same domain name that i have on live server now my live site is not accessable from my laptop if local by flywheel is on it will go on local domain but if local by flywheel is off it will show This site can’t be reached

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I clear browser cache and system cache

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    Windows 10 Pro

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Hi @Hamza-Najam

The domain in your Local app should not match the domain of the live site. This is intentional to avoid the problems you’re running into. When you push/pull the site there will be search and replaces that happen automatically to change the domain.

It might be easiest to just wipe the site from your Local install and then reimport it but allow the domain name to remain how it is named in the app.

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Hi Nick,

What you are saying isn’t intuitive – in other words, one wouldn’t just assume what you described to be the case, so it must be documented somewhere right? Can you put a link to where in LocalWP documentation it states that your local site can’t be named the same as your live site? Thanks.

Sorry for any confusion here. To clarify what I mean is that if your live site domain is you wouldn’t want to change your Local site to the same. You could still use CodeSlayer2010 but it would end in .local instead of .com. Unless you’re using Localhost as your Router Mode in which case it would be something like localhost:10005. Sometimes users will try and edit these domains to match and run into redirect/caching issues naturally. Reading back over the original post I’m not 100% sure if that is what happened here but that’s what I assumed.

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