Can I create a local site from a docker image?

There is a docker image I want to use as a blueprint in Local By Flywheel. Usually, it is available to install through docker pull <url>

However, if I try to create a new local site and run the above command on SSH, it doesn’t recognize docker command. So, I was wondering if there is any way to install a docker image to Local By Flywheel

I’d be interested in the same thing as my host offers a Docker image. Pulling that down and firing that up in Local would be really convenient.

Local doesn’t support third-party Docker images at the moment.

With that said, Local 2.3.0 includes a new Environment API that paves the road for potential third-party environments. :slight_smile:

Oh terrific, thanks for letting us know - I’d imagine that’d be part of the Pro package (which I’d be fine with and was expecting)? I need to sign up for that beta.

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