Cannot change PHP version


I used to be able to change php version simply by clicking on in under the overview tab. This is not possible anymore. Can you please let me know how this can be done now.

Also, when creating a new website the Custom environment option is not showing any more.


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If you are using the beta, options to switch PHP version and switched between nginx and Apache is not yet available.

Same problem, version 5.0.6 Beta.( Windows 10 ) Are you going to give these options again or do we have to install a previous one? Thanks.

Hi all! These features were removed from the initial release but will be back in the future. Date is still to-be-determined.

Thank you!

I would love to see this option back as well

Having the same problem here. I had to move an old site for a new client, but it only runs on an old version of PHP.

I would like to see this feature back soon as well. It seems the new version is lacking a lot of what we loved about Local.

I dove deep into MAMP PRO trial and didn’t like most things about it (Local Flywheel spoiled me) but I NEEEEED the PHP version switching ASAP in Local Lightning.

Any ETA on when older versions of PHP might be available? I’ve got some sites on older versions of CMSs that can’t be upgraded that don’t work 100% with newer versions of PHP 7.

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